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   Posted Mar 30, 2008 - Views: 1452


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Wow.  Right before my very eyes, i see this world turning into one massive pile of shit.

I know that im not that old myself, but I feel soo much more mature than these shithead kids now-a-days.  Who the fuck do they think that are?  These kids think they can talk to their  parents and teachers any way they please.  I don't know what these parents are teaching their kids, but there is a little thing called RESPECT that should be thrown in there.  I mean, these kids talk to their parents and teachers any way they please. They think their the shit and assume everyone else does too.  They think that they act like a badass when they come home late, curse at their parents, and vandalize shit. Well i got a question for all you little fuckers..

Who the FUCK are you? I'll tell you who, just a little peice of shit kid that thinks they can get away with anything.  I see it everyday at school. These "thugs" wearing fucking night gowns for shirts that come down to their ankles.  Is a shir that big actually nessecary?  Oh and their fucking straight billed hats with the gold sticker still on them. oh my god, its like they think they are sooooooo fuckkkiinnggggg coooooool. Give me a break, everyone is looking at you, not because of your "gangster-like" apparel, but basically because YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKEN IDIOT.

Oh, and i cannot leave out the kids that all they do is go around vandalizing shit.  These fuckers go around and key your car, steal your car stereo, put shit all over the car. Ohhh man, this pisses me off more than anything in the world. Who the fuck are you, to go onto other people's property and fuck with their shit?  Are you just SUCH  a badass that you can do whatever you please.  One house in my neighborhood got "fuck you" spray painted on their garage door. I promise you that if i EVER see that shit going on, i will NOT hesitate to grab my rifle and shoot them in the leg and watch them try to crawl away crying.

What kids need is a good ass whipping, i say, but noooo thats "child abuse."

Sorry this is kinda long, but all im saying is that people only seem to be aware of themselves now-a-day.  Its all about ME ME ME!!!!! im just kinda scared that someday, these kids are gona be the ones running the world.

Well thanks for listening to my rant. Have a nice night.



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