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Emily TimmBy: Ashley Allen.
Paris Hilton? Lindsay Lohan? Britney Spears? What have our most popular celebrities become? These stars are in our general age group, and like us are striving to find themselves. Naturally, we should assume that they have faults and will make mistakes just like anyone else, and be more than willing to forgive and forget. But I mean really, who are we kidding?

Paris Hilton is 26 years old and needs an agent to tell her when she is legally allowed to drive, and a press release to tell her how a 23-day stint in Lynwood prison changed her for the better. Mommy of two, Britney Spears is photographed partying night after night with what seems to be little regard for anyone but herself. The starlet closest to our peer group in age, Ms. Lindsay Lohan, has basically sold her livelihood to the tabloids—and in the process has not only destroyed it but also ruined her reputation.

In our celeb-consuming, MySpace dominated, sex-obsessed world, teenage girls are required to have it all. If you have the perfect body, reputable grades, a well-rounded list of activities and the time to spend on mass amounts of friends, family and guys, then you have the flawless life. Unfortunately, not all teen girls know that this textbook fantasy is completely irrational. With this kind of pressure, it’s only natural to have a breakdown. We should not be looking to Hollywood for our role models. More often than not, I’ve noticed that teens, especially girls, choose a role model by his or her appearance. This is where teens go off the rails.

Girls need to understand that the only way any celebrity is able to maintain such a “thin” or “beautiful” profile is because they wrongly decide to sacrifice a necessity in their lives. Take Nicole Richie for example, before becoming pregnant in early 2007, she was dangerously thin. As teens, we need all the nutrients available in order to allow our bodies to grow into a healthy adulthood. Would you regret throwing up every meal if you were diagnosed with a diseased liver at the age of 40?

Girls must learn to take pride in themselves. Lindsey Lohan has become the ideal sex icon in so many eyes. I can honestly admit, and I’m sure many teen girls would agree, that we constantly feel the need to be desired. Is there not a point when the need to be desired becomes a pathetic obsession that can turn into something harmful? Lohan has a reputation for being one of the “friendliest” ladies in Hollywood. Friends described her as braggadocious when it came to the many notches left in her bedpost. However, this sexual confidence was only present and maintained with a heavy dependence on drugs and alcohol, which climaxed after she drunkenly fled the scene of a 5:30 AM crash with a “usable amount of cocaine” left in her car, resulting in her second stint at rehab and a future court date.

Teens of America, consider this one more in a long line of wake up calls. We are a generation full of change and opportunity. We are smart enough to make the right decisions for our futures while living a fulfilling life. Mahatma Ghandi was dead-on when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

Choose a role model who aspires to achieve the same goals as you have, someone who chooses to work hard for his or her wealth, someone who is respected by many and who stands out morally above the other three billion people in the world. Then, chase after your dream.
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