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   Posted May 22, 2008 - Views: 1328

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Okay to break it down for you I have a friend that lives down state, about 6 hours car ride away. I also have a couple friends here in town not 5 mins walking distance from where i live.

Okay for about 6 months my friend down state has been telling me and the others about how he wants to visit and how he never has any money (btw he is originally from this area). He used to work for walmart here, making about $9/hr. Now he's salaried as a technician at a waste water management plant down state. He works less hours a week and get's paid ALOT more... (ALOT MORE).

He has not changed his spending habits. He still goes to the movies about 4 times a week and eats out at fast food places for every meal, like he did up here. Now he has come to visit up here once... when he did he had PLENTY of money., but as I said for some reason now he has no money (according to him).

My other friends now are planning on them all taking time away from their lives to go see him. Here is the best part...

One of my friend is in the military, he comes on leave on June 9th. Instead of visiting his friends and family, (mainly his mother who is worried about her only child), he is going to rent a car and drive down state with another friend of mine, paying $4.25+ a gallon (currently) to  get there.

ONCE THERE. My friend who is really broke (the one that lives downstate) is planning on taking them all out to eat, and pay to go to the amusment park and pay for them all to go to the movies... ect. Now that sounds all fine Except they are going there because he doesn't have the money to drive here...

They decided to stay two weeks there, which is my friends entire leave of duty...  Enough said.

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