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   Posted Jan 21, 2009 - Views: 2171


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  I'm tired of watching people, witnessing them making complete fools out of themselves. 

Poor boy did not stand a chance. . .

GIRL:  I like music
BOY: (next day brings his guitar to class and starts strumming and singing)

GIRL:  I've been seriously considering switching classes to  . . .
BOY:  (does not show up to class 'cause he switched it to. . . )

GIRL:  I like tattoos.  I'm definitely going to get one. 
BOY:  (draws on himself with green marker all over both of his arms)

GIRL: (acts like she does not notice)
BOY: (gets flustered and gets a girlfriend)

GIRL: awww . . he has a gf . .. I was about to ask him out . . .
BOY:  wtF?!

ME: Idiots.
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