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   Posted Aug 26, 2007 - Views: 1528


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It really bothers me to see little kids selling crap in parking lots or going door to door.  But what's even worse is the SCHOOLS, CHURCHS AND SPORTS CENTERS that send the kids out in the first place!  Not to mention the parents that let their kids solicit money from total strangers! 


First of all, if the kids are too young to make change don't even bother sending them out at all!  Its bad enough we see some poor, dirty little kid begging for money and feel like we are EVIL PEOPLE if we don't pay 2 bucks for a 45 cent candy, but then the little shit can't even make change for a 5!  If your kid can't count to 5, they shouldn't be raising money for a trip, they should be raising money to hire a teacher that gives a damn!


Second, what the hell is wrong with the people who take these little kids into restaurants??  Like I want some little snot nosed kid (who can't count to five) leaning over my food and annoying me into buying some M&Ms that I don't want in the first place!  How did they even get in there in the first place?  Isn't there a rule or something?  Where the hell is the manager when this stuff happens?


Finally, if one more little kid, who is so young they can't make change, comes to my door UNSUPERVISED I'm calling CHILD SERVICES ON THEIR PARENTS!!!  Who in their right mind is going to send little kids (so young they apparently can't count) door to door to beg money from strangers unsupervised? 


How about this for a solution, at the start of the school year (church, camp whatever) Give the parents a list of trips or whatever the kids will be doing, and a COST of the event.  Then the parents can just pay for their kid to go.  The parent's usually end up paying for most of that candy anyways, right?  Their kids sit in the room eating up all the candy bars then say "Mom we owe the school $20!"  So just have the parents pay for the trips, and save everyone the hassle of trying to sneak out of the store without making eye contact with some cross eyed 8 year old that wants to go to the zoo.  And don't tell me about the parents that can't afford to send their kids on the trip.  The parents who "can't afford it" are the ones who go out and buy 4 cartons of cigarettes and 3 or 4 cases of beer every month. 



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