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   Posted Sep 23, 2007 - Views: 1445


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  Setting: School auditorium

My Professor goes to show a clip from a movie - SGT. Bilko with Steve Martin.  The lights go down, the 6 minute clip starts to roll, and in front of me is some dude, and next to him is some prissy looking chick (blonde, skank outfit on, etc.).  I don't know if any of you have seen SGT. Bilko, but it's kind of an old movie and really not a "fall on the ground, my abs hurt, I can't contain my laughter" type of movie.  Is it?  Well the people in front of me seemed to think so.  Or so it appeared. 

They would laugh at every minor joke and magnify it's funniness 100-fold.  I became more interested in watching them laugh at the bland comedic movie than the movie itself.  What I noticed is that when the dude laughed loudly, the girl would laugh a tad decibel louder, then look out of the corner of her eye at him.   Trust me when I tell you that these two people didn't know each other and weren't friends sitting next to each other. 

Steve Martin would make a joke on-screen, the dude in front would throw his hand in the air and nearly fall out of his seat.
At the same time, the dumb bitch next to him would try and outdo him by laughing so loud you would think she had a microphone in her throat - and it wasn't a natural casual laugh, it was robotic and loud. 

Has anyone ever noticed this?  When a lot of people are together in a room, does the movie just seem to be funnier or something?  Or do these people laugh like this at home when they're by themselves, with no attention to be gained?  I really want to know.
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