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   Posted Feb 02, 2008 - Views: 1502

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I went out with friends one night and we decided to go out to abar where a band they like was playing.  I am 43 years old and have been to this bar many times. I never carry a purse in a bar.  I keep my money in my pocket and never worry about my I.D. If I'm going to a place I've been before.  When we get there the place is packed.  We had to park 1/4 mile out back in this white rocked parking lot after a major rain storm.  We waded through the muck so by the time I got to the front door I wasn't in a good mood.  I go to pay my cover and the guy asked for my I.D.  This little piece of shit 21 year old goofy bastard tells me no I.D. no entrance.  So I look at him and tell him that I am not going back out there and He wasn't man enough to stop me.  He looked at my friends and they told him that it would be in his best interest to leave me alone.  Yes I walked in and no I didnt show my I. D. and No I didnt pay the cover.


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