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   Posted Dec 23, 2008 - Views: 2157


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  Last night I went to Wal-mart to print two 8x10 pictures using one of those Kodak picture kiosks. My particular Wal-mart has 2 such kiosks. When I got there, both were in use, and there was another woman waiting to use one of them. I dutifully got into line behind her and settled in to wait my turn. As the time ticked by I started to pay more attention to the women using the kiosks - one was printing probably close to 100 pictures, but she was being quick about it, and the pictures were actually printing so it was just a matter of waiting for them to finish. The other woman however, had a massive stack of pictures, and was scanning them one by one. In her shopping cart she had a canvas bag that appeared to be stuffed with photo albums and pictures. Next to the scanner she had a stack of photos that appeared to be 3 or 4 inches thick. I don't know how many pictures that adds up to, but it's a lot. And she's just standing there scanning. And scanning. By now the first woman was done, and the woman who was in line in front of me was using the kiosk. The ever so helpful Wal-mart employee shows up and "reminds" the ladies that the kiosks automatically shut down in 30 mins. Still, the woman worked on her stack of pictures, scanning them. The closer it got to "closing time" the more mad I got...I needed to print just 2 pictures, and this woman is taking up a kiosk and everyone else's time just because she wants to scan every picture she's ever taken! She kept looking at me with this smile on her face like "yeah I know you're waiting, and I don't give a shit" which just pissed me off more. When the machines shut down (which by the way, I never got to use,) she was still scanning. I couldn't believe that 1. Wal-mart doesn't set some sort of limit on the amount of pictures you can scan/print and 2. the woman would spend literally hours scanning photos this close to Christmas when other people have pictures to print too!
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