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   Posted Jan 12, 2009 - Views: 1767

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Quebec is a large province in ( has provinces, not states!) which, you may or may not know, is French speaking. Quebec humor is not for everyone, but last New Year’s Eve the popular annual show called ‘Bye Bye’ (saying good-bye to the previous year) caused a huge amount of anger.


It’s a comedy skit show that strives to be cutting edge but they crossed the line several times. The New Year’s Eve show received hundreds of complaints from enraged viewers.


Remember, this is a “Family Show’…


In one skit they criticized a rival female broadcaster of having “a dry vagina”. (explain that to your kids)


In a skit featuring a black actor portraying Barack Obama, the reporter mistook him for another man saying “All blacks look alike” then made reference to his penis size and then said it would be easier to shoot a black man in a white house.


There were many other offensive skits but THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE... A few years ago in Quebec there was a famous child singer, Nathalie Simard. She was popular but then she disappeared from fame. During a recent public trail, Nathalie Simard revealed that she had been raped for years by her manager, starting when she was 11 years old. Simard sued that manager who pled guilty and went to prison for rape a child. Simard never fully recovered from the years of sexual abuse. (who would?)


The New Year's Eve comedy show did a skit mocking Simard for being a ‘cry baby’ and ‘stupid’.

THE REALLY BAD PART? The actress doing the skit (who is also the show’s producer) is the daughter of the manager who went to prison for raping Simard. (let that sink in for a minute...)


During a press conference to address the shit-storm of criticism the actress/producer says she “can’t understand why anyone would be offended”.



Now that’s fucking stupid.


(Google ‘Nathalie Simard’ and see for yourself, I ain't making this up)





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