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   Posted Feb 07, 2007 - Views: 1493


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  Why does Jennifer Connelly always play the pathetic loser slut roles in movies?  It's really annoying.  She always has to somehow con some man into her crummy web of a so-called life.  Then she continues to be a loser... ex: not paying bills, ruining other people's lives, drugs, etc.  Then, she has to be a slut and take off her clothes of course.  I understand that it's just a "fictional" character in a movie... but it gets old when the same person plays the same role, over and over and over. 

I mean look at House of Sand and Fog, she plays the loser who doesn't pay her bills, gets evicted and then comes back and ruins the lives of the people living there... eventually driving them to death.  Dark water, played a deadbeat mother in a completely pointless movie.  In Requiem for a Dream, she plays a drugged up-whore-girlfriend.  I'm just annoyed with her mere existence.  The fact that she plays roles like this all the time, does NOT make her a good actress... but rather defines her as a graceless, impure failure who has to settle on roles where she has to take off her clothes and demean her existence.
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