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   Posted Mar 31, 2007 - Views: 1407


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  I really hate those advertisements that have a disclamer, like car commercials ya know?  Since they only have 30 seconds to air the advertisement, it has to be short and sweet.  They're not going to waste space to display the disclaimer, they instead have some dumb ass in the background speaking 4X as fast as a normal human can comprehend,...."Void where prohibited...restrictions may apply....only available in certain approval may be needed....blah blah blah.  My question is, why the hell even say the disclaimer?  Isn't that rediculous?  Can anyone comprehend that BS?  I took business law, and know that as long as a disclaimer is audible, or  visible, even though is small enough for an ant to read, it is legally binding, and perfectly kosher.   Just a CYA thing for big business.  Screw big business, and screw their stupidity and selfishness.  It's that sort of mentality that causes companies to shit out a pieces of shit products.
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