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So I went on an International trip from New Mexico where I'm from to Germany.  Yeah, Lay Over in Denver, no problem, but when I finally reached Frankfurt the airport personell followed me around like I was a criminal.  I'm hispanic my bad.  I hated feeling like I was doing something wrong.  They double checked my luggage and made me clean out my backpack.  I had never been so embarrased in my life.  I grew up a little better than most so I was simply not used to feeling like a criminal especially when I'd been looking forward to this trip my whole year. 

This wasn't the only incident though.  When I was in Dallas I went to one of the more expensive malls and was followed around like I was about to steal something.  I felt like someone got onto the walkies for security and said, 'HEY!!! Watch the mexican she looks suspicious.' Maybe I just grew up in NM too long.  Here i'm the normal, the majority, and the change of security was enough to make me miss home.

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